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How Airbrush Tanning Works


After entering the tanning room your spray technician will discuss color preference with you and answer any remaining questions you might have.


Then, you will disrobe to your comfort level and then enter the “overspray” booth to begin your custom airbrush tanning session, applied by one of our trained Airbrush Spray Technicians. Our technician will discuss with the you just how light or dark a tan is desired, and will develop a customized tanning solution for you.


The solution is then attached to a compressed-air driven applicator, and the tanning session begins.The solution is evenly applied over all parts of the body, and our technician’s expert application training ensures that your tan will develop evenly and beautifully.


The technician will ask you to change positions and to hold your arms and legs in specific poses, so as to ease the even application of the spray.  As opposed to a machine-applied spray, the technician changes her own spray position to ensure even application.


You have the option to receive a full-body tan, upper-body tan, lower body tan or just a facial tan. You may also choose whether or not you want your face sprayed.


After the tanning application is complete (which usually takes between 10 minutes, depending on the client), the newly applied spray is given a few minutes to dry to the skin. Once the spray is dry, it will continue to set over the next 8-10 hours, leaving a beautiful bronze glow.


The technician will provide instructions on aftercare to ensure your tan looks great!

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